Just some slight humor.

Please don't be offended.

The Land Surveyor

To the land surveyor, here's a well deserved toast,
Jack of all trades and master of most;
He walks the hills like a golfer, wears his toes to a nub,
But has a transit for a golf bag and a bush axe for a club.
Calibrated eyeballs and a computer for a mind,
His nose can find a corner and sniff out a line,
He's a diplomat, executive and mathematician,
Draftsman, lawyer and research technician,
Athlete, foreman, detective and teacher,
Have the peacemaking skills of a holiness preacher,
Forester, psychologist, historian, informer,
Judge and jury, and miracle performer,
The patience of Job and the wisdom of Paul,
Get a ten thousand closure on a deed with no calls,
The stamina of a horse who can never be lazy,
The only way you can make it is be a little crazy.